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Ultimate Racing Tool Bag With 4 Tools

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Tilauskoodi UR8802-X
Viivakoodi 0400000000060



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Ultimate Racingin loistava laukku ja työkalusetti. Jos haluat siirtyä L-avaimista kunnollisiin avaimiin niin tässä on loistava aloituspaketti, samalla saat laadukkaan työkalulaukun johon mahtuu helposti kaikki normaalit työkalut.

This is the Ultimate Racing exclusive RC Team Tool Bag with two
separate compartments to storage and carry your RC tools and
accessories. This UR Tool Bag is made from black canvas type material
with red piping and features the UR logo on the top cover. The covers
and sides have been reinforced with strong plastic sheets ensuring that
even when the bag is fully loaded it will not twist or bend. This
stylish bag has two zippers for two separate compartments, as well as a
strong handy carry strap for comfortable handling. Inside of the top
level there are 34 elastic straps with different sizes that will retain
your UR tools securely during transportation. The bottom is an empty
strong and reinforced case to storage all the other tools and
accessories that you never know where to store like the brushes, pliers,
pit gloves, wheel balancer, etc.

Included tools:
UR8310X HEX DRIVER 1.5x110mm PRO
UR8311X HEX DRIVER 2.0x110mm PRO
UR8312X HEX DRIVER 2.5x110mm PRO
UR8313X HEX DRIVER 3.0x110mm PRO

Kuusiokulma koko mm
1,5mm, 2,0mm, 2,5mm, 3,0mm

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