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Aquacraft Paradise Sailboat Blue RTR

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Sail for pleasure - leave work behind.

It's the ultimate R/C pleasure cruise! Not only does the Paradise come with a radio system already installed, but even the rigging has been done for you. Factory-finished, the model requires no sanding or painting… and because it's powered by the breeze, you'll need nothing more than a few ordinary "AA" batteries to get your voyage under way.

TTX410 4-Channel 2.4GHz Radio
Light and easy to hold, the TTX410 offers interference-free 2.4GHz control with setup simplicity, 4-channel versatility and the ease of 2-stick control. Servo reversing switches simplify installation; digital trims with fast/slow rates and sound cues help you confirm adjustments as they're being made. Quad bearing gimbals ensure that every input results in smooth, even control. A flashing LED and alarm alert you when power gets low. The TTX410 comes with a full-range TR325 receiver. Fail-safes on all channels automatically return servos to center if the signal is lost and reset when signal is reacquired. Other TR325 features include an internal antenna and a push-button to ensure instant and unbreakable transmitter-receiver links.

Dependability-protected by the SLT Protocol.

The sleek fiberglass hull is ready to enjoy when it comes out of the box. All onboard gear is already installed and easily accessible from the deck hatch. Batteries shown are not included.

The Paradise arrives with ballast already installed in the low-drag keel. Both the keel and booms disconnect for easy transportation and storage. A uniquely styled stand assembles quickly for use as a display stand and convenient work platform.

The rudder pushrods and control arm are located in a special compartment, accessible through a hatch opened by the replica steering wheel. The deep-water rudder provides swift response and strong turns.

The mast and booms are made from strong, lightweight aluminum. All seven lines are numbered and equipped with quick clips for fast, easy rigging.

The Paradise RTR includes:

Factory-finished fiberglass hull with removable keel, aluminum mast and booms, and factory-installed ballast and radio gear
Tactic TTX410 4-channel 2.4GHz radio with TR325 receiver and SX-100 servos
Durable, pre-rigged ripstop nylon sails with printed color graphics

Hull Length: 660 mm
Height: 1285 mm
Beam: 135 mm
Weight: 1.36 kg)
Requires: (8) "AA" batteries

Boat Type: Sail Boat
Delivered as: RTR
Suitable For: Beginners
Hull Length: 660 mm
Material: ABS Plastic
Height: 1285 mm
Weight: 1360 g
Width: 135 mm
Transmitter: Tactic TTX410 4-channel

Tuotteen koko pakattuna tai myyntipakkauksen koko on arviolta 300 x 690 x 150 mm.

1360 kg (Sisältää mahdollisen myyntipakkauksen painon)

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