Nitrolux Off-Road 16% (5 L.)

Nitrolux Off-Road 16% (5 L.)
Nitrolux Off-Road 16% (5 L.)Nitrolux Off-Road 16% (5 L.)

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Modelix Racing has been manufacturing model engine fuel since 1999 under the prestigious brand of Ultimate Fuel. For commercial reasons, we decided to change the name in 2010 and that was when Nitrolux Fuel was created. Nitrolux is a brand of model engine fuel developed from the experience gained in the most demanding competitions. In 2012 we developed a new formula called Nitrolux Energy which we are very proud of because it provides high performance, high power, low consumption, more stability and most importantly, it takes care of your engine, lengthening its life without leaving any fuel residue.

Aspect: Translucent gold liquid

Packaging: 1, 2 and 5L black plastic bottles/jerricans. Excellent barrier for U.V. rays. According to current legislation with tactile indicator for blind people, child security caps and product information printed on the bottle/jerrican. 

Composition: Methanol CH3OH, Nitromethane CH3NO2, synthetic oil with additives, and castor oil. Nitromethane purity: > 99,95%

Application: Off-Road cars - TRAINING AND COMPETITION

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