Procircuit on yksi euroopan isoimmista RC firmoista, Modelix:in, rengasbrändi. Procircuit valmistaa laadukkaita ja tomivia 1/8 renkaita ja vanteita. Oheistuotteina niillä on laadukkaat rengasliimat ja tarvikkeet.

ProCircuit renkaat näyttivät vauhtinsa ottamalla Maailmanmestaruuden 2012 Argentiinassa Robert Battlen käsissä. 

ProCircuitin renkaat ovat kehittyneet kovaa ja ovat nykyisin erittäin hyvä vaihtoehto 1/8 luokkaan, siksi ProCircuit olikin ehkä suostuin rengasmerkki viime kesän SM sarjassa.

Modelix Racing, S.L is a company dedicated to researching, developing, manufacturing and distributing products to the world of Radio Control.
Modelix Racing was founded in 1999 and, between them; the partners have more than 25 years of experience in the Radio Control scene. Since the beginning, Modelix Racing has positioned itself in the RC industry through the acquisition of major distribution rights for high quality products, along with the release of competition products under our own brands: Ultimate Racing accessories, Procircuit tires and Nitrolux fuel.
Our main daily goal is to offer high performance racing products along with professional technical support to satisfy our customer’s needs. For this we have a team of passionate RC enthusiasts, with a lot of experience racing at the highest level of competition, who allows us to offer exceptional technical support responding to market needs.

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ProCircuit: The ProCircuit tire brand was created in 2009 by Modelix Racing along with an experienced team of 1:8 off road professional drivers. At Procircuit, RC racing is a way of life that continuously allows us to demonstrate that the combination of innovation, reliability and performance works towards a single objective: enabling our team drivers and customers to benefit from the latest technological breakthroughs made in the world of racing, and win races.

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