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Robitronic Speedstar 2 Speedo Crawler Edition

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Tilauskoodi RS135
Viivakoodi 4046032026546

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Tuotteen kuvaus
Introducing the new Speedstar 2 Crawler Edition, Robitronic expands upon the highly successful Speedstar 2 family of brushed ESCs. The Speedstar 2 Crawler is a special purpose built ESC that appeals to trial and crawler enthusiasts alike. Its optimized rock-crawler software allows changing from forward to reverse without delay which greatly enhances maneuverability in rough terrain. The Speedstar 2 CrawlerÙs reverse mode has no speed-limit while its Active Hill Brake keeps your ride securely planted.

Of course, the new Speedstar 2 Crawler Edition ESC inherits all the other remarkable features of the Speedstar 2 family: A high switching frequency allows for precise control, lipo-cutoff for the latest battery technology, comfortable One-Button Setup and splash water-proof electronic add up to the first choice ESC for trial and rock-crawling enthusiasts.

The Speedstar 2 Crawler ESC is suitable for motors with 19 turns and more. It features a thermal protection and ships in a plug-and-play package complete with wires and connectors.


Proportional speedo with forward, ABS brake and reverse.
LiPo mode for the new battery technology.
Single-Button setup.
External power switch for easy on/off-switching.
High switching frequency for better control and more runtime.
Handles motors down to 12 turns.
Switchable ABS-brake system.
Three power programs for different track conditions.
Plug and Play - comes with motor, battery and radio connectors.
Overtemperature protection system.
Splash-water proof electronics.
Technical Data

Dimensions: 35x27x17 mm
Weight (w/ wires): 49 g
Number of cells NiMH: 4-7 (4.8-8.4 V)
Number of cells LiPo: 2 (7,4V)
Driving frequency: 1.0 kHz
BEC: 5 V; 1,0A
Resistance: 0.0035 ohms
Motor limit: 19 turns
Engine Wire: 4mm bushing
Battery Wire: Tamiya
Receiver: JR

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