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Team Orion Vortex R8.1 Pro 2-4S (180A, 2-4S) ORI65125

Team Orion Vortex R8.1 Pro 2-4S (180A, 2-4S) ORI65125

Team Orion Vortex R8.1 Pro 2-4S (180A, 2-4S) ORI65125

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Tuotteen kuvaus

The R8.1 Pro is Team Orion's competition speed controller for 1/8 scale racing vehicles. It is the bigger brother of the R10.1 World Champion speed controller and incorporates the same, great features - adapted to the bigger scale!

Developed by the best team in the world

The R8.1 Pro has been developed with the help of the worlds best 1/8 electric drivers. Names like Jared Tebo, Ryan Cavalieri, Ty Tessman, Joe Pillars, Cody King, Renaud Savoya, Dakotah Phend or David Ronnefalk stand on the test drivers list of R&D manager Oscar Jansen. The drivers optimized the firmware of the ESC until it was perfect!

Successful Brothers

The R10.1 Pro and R8.1 Pro are true brothers. Even more than the similar look they share the same, successful racing gens: ultra low resistance PCB, high grade components throughout, high-performance FETs, CAD designed aluminum upper case for best cooling. The software allows you to perfectly adjust the driving feel to your needs. Parameters like the initial brake force, drag brake force, start mode, timing or neutral range can be adjusted easily.

Two Sensor Ports

As well as the R10.1 the R8.1 Pro features dual sensor ports. The ESC can be programmed with the optional program box ORI65153 through the front sensor port.

ORI65125 Vortex R8.1 Pro - Features

• Specifically designed for 4S LiPo 1/8 scale racing
• Adjustable BEC voltage 6V or 7.2V for improved servo response
• Based on World and National championship winning technology
• Dual Sensor Port
• Machined aluminum case
• Exclusive cooling fan protection and design for improved cooling
• Ultra low resistance PCB and FET
• Highly customizable state of the art software
• Works with sensor and sensorless motors
• Forward/brake, forward/brake/reverse and forward/reverse (Crawler) function modes
• Status control by LED and audio tone
• Equipped with Deans high current connectors
• Optional DSB-R programming box available (ORI65153)

2S (8,4V), 3S (12,6v), 4S (16,8v)



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