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Performa P1 Combo 1/8 ESC 120A + 2100KV Motor

Performa P1 Combo 1/8 ESC 120A + 2100KV Motor

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Performa P1 Controller 120 A Sensor/Sensorless, 2-4S

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Performa 1/8 2100 KV PA9353

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Tuotteen kuvaus

Performa P1 Controller 120 A Sensor/Sensorless, 2-4S:

The Performa P1 Controller 120 A Sensor/Sensorless, 2-4S is a great controller for 1/8th scale Buggies, featuring smooth power delivery, 120A output, electronic switch, 6V/7.4V switchable BEC and many programming capabilities through the Performa Program Box and PC Software. The ideal first 1/8 Brushless controller for Racing and Hobby applications.


Small & Light Structure Design: Small and light (38g lighter than Performa P1 Controller 150 A) structure design greatly simplifies the installation of the power system (esp. for vehicles like buggy and touring car with compact chassis).
Programming & Upgrading: With the Performa Program Box the user can program parameters, upgrade firmware easily from the track or the PC software.

Drivability: The Performa P1 Controller 120 A provides exceptionally smooth power output which will greatly improve driving performance.

Thermal Protection: The thermal protection implemented in the Performa P1 Controller 120 A will prevent overload damage to the ESC.

High Voltage Built-in BEC: High voltage built-in BEC with an output current of up to 4 Amp and a switchable output voltage of 6V-7.4V allows users to use various high torque and high voltage servos.

High Reliability & Durability: Built with the most rugged and high-quality components and coupled with cutting-edge firmware, the Performa P1 Controller 120 A is able to deliver unmatched power and performance for even the most hardcore of racing applications, and responsive enough to protect itself from damage due to overloading due to physical abuse, overuse or even human error.
Advanced and Secure Electronic Switch: Electronic switch with a high lifespan for trouble-free operations.

Cooling System: Performa CNC machined billet aluminum case and heatsink added to the cooling fan will make sure it runs cool all the time.

Wide applicability: The Performa P1 Controller 120 A ESC is not only applicable to 1/8th buggies and short-course trucks, but also 1/10th short-course trucks, trucks and monster trucks.


Scale: 1/8, 1/10
Brushed/Brushless: Brushless
Sensored/Sensorless: Sensored
Cont./Peak Current: 120A/650A
Input: 2-4S Lipo
BEC Output: Switch Mode: 6V/7.4V, 4A
Input Wires: Black
Output Wires: Black
Input Connectors: No
Output Connectors: No
Fan Size: 30x30x10mm
Voltage Range: 5V-7.4V
Powered by: BEC
LCD Program Box: Supported
Switch Button: Supported
Firmware Upgrade: Supported
Size: 48x35x35mm
Weight: 121g
Motors: Sensored & Sensorless Brushless Motors
Vehicles: 1/10 SCT/Truck/Monster Truck & 1/8 Buggy/On-road Racing
KV Rating/T Count: With 2S LiPo/6S NiMH: 3660 size motor (KV=6000), with 3S LiPo/9S NiMH: 3660 size motor (KV=4000), with 4S LiPo/12S NiMH: 3660 size motor (KV=3000), with 4S LiPo/12S NiMH: 4268 size motor (KV=2500)

Performa 1/8 2100 KV PA9353:
Performan edullinen sensorillinen kilpa-moottori. Laadukas moottori josta tehot ei varmasti lopu!

Performa Racing - High-end Competition Products:

-Performa Racing is a brand for Elite Racers.
-Supplying high power systems and components for RC Cars.
-Performance is the priority without any compromise.
-Developed by the most experienced designers in the RC industry.
-Approved and tested by the best drivers in the World to confirm that the performance target is reached.
-Price friendly with Radical Performance.
-Available Worldwide from the Performa Racing Partners or directly on the Performa Racing Website.
-Electric and Nitro Power Units, Accessories, Off-Road, On-Road, Crawler, Performa Racing is for everyone looking for Real Power.
-Tested, approved, and raced by IFMAR World Champion David Ronnefalk.

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