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Performa P1 Combo 1/8 ESC 150A + 2100KV Motor

Performa P1 Combo 1/8 ESC 150A + 2100KV Motor

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Performa P1 Controller 150 A Sensor/Sensorless, 2-6S (1:8 Racing)

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Performa 1/8 2100 KV PA9353

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Tuotteen kuvaus

Performa P1 Controller 150 A Sensor/Sensorless, 2-6S (1:8 Racing):

The Performa P1 Controller 150 A Sensor/Sensorless, 2-6S was developed to deliver unmatched power, performance and reliability for demanding 1/8 scale racing applications. Built with high quality components and loaded with cutting edge firmware, the Performa P1 Controller 150 A is responsive enough to protect itself from damage due to abuse, overuse, and even human error. With incredible power output and adjustable parameters, the Performa P1 Controller 150 A will deliver the smooth throttle response and linear throttle/brake qualities that discriminating drivers demand.


Built-in High Voltage BEC: The Performa P1 Controller 150 A includes an integrated HV BEC with 4 Amp output current, and adjustable output voltage from 6 to 8.4V. This BEC is designed to handle power hungry servos with ease.
Reliable Cooling System: Performa cooling technology utilizes heat conductive copper bars to rapidly and effectively transfer all internal heat from the MOSFET board to the integrated CNC machined billet aluminum heatsink housing. The cooling fan utilizes a shock proof mounting system that reduces the possibility of fan damage due to the repeated shock of landing jumps in an 1/8 scale off road environment.
Drivability: The Performa P1 Controller 150 A provides exceptionally smooth off throttle function for a great driving experience. This greatly improves the performance of buggies powered by high power motors.
Electronic Switch: The Performa P1 Controller 150 A features an electronic switch allowing settings from an integrated button.
High Performance Firmware Algorithm: The Performa P1 Controller 150 A has been developed for high level 1/8 scale racing . The firmware algorithm has been written to ensure high power output range of the ESC while still maintaining system efficiency and smoothness.

Current: 150A Continuous, 1080A Peak
Motor Type: Sensored/Sensorless Brushless Motor
Applications: 1/8 Scale On Road/Off Road, Competition Level
Motor Limit: 4S LiPo/12 Cell NiMH: 3000Kv for 4274 size or smaller motor; 6S LiPo/18 Cell NiMH: 2400Kv for 4274 size or smaller motor
LiPo/NiMH Cells: 2-6S LiPo
BEC Output: 6V/7.2V Switchable, Continuous Current of 4A (Switch Mode BEC)
Cooling Fan: Powered by BEC Output Voltage
Connectors: Tubes
Size: 58x48x37mm (LxWxH)
Weight: 159g (no wires)

Performa 1/8 2100 KV PA9353:
Performan edullinen sensorillinen kilpa-moottori. Laadukas moottori josta tehot ei varmasti lopu!

Performa Racing - High-end Competition Products:

-Performa Racing is a brand for Elite Racers.
-Supplying high power systems and components for RC Cars.
-Performance is the priority without any compromise.
-Developed by the most experienced designers in the RC industry.
-Approved and tested by the best drivers in the World to confirm that the performance target is reached.
-Price friendly with Radical Performance.
-Available Worldwide from the Performa Racing Partners or directly on the Performa Racing Website.
-Electric and Nitro Power Units, Accessories, Off-Road, On-Road, Crawler, Performa Racing is for everyone looking for Real Power.
-Tested, approved, and raced by IFMAR World Champion David Ronnefalk.

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