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Robitronic Razer eight Brushless Combo 150A 4274 2000kV

Robitronic Razer eight Brushless Combo 150A 4274 2000kV

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Product information "Robitronic Razer eight Brushless Combo 150A 4274 2000kV"
Razer eight 150A ESC:

The Razer eight 150A controller has all the important features and setting options on board that an ambitious 1/8 pilot could want. Thanks to the outstanding quality, you receive a controller with the highest reliability and best efficiency for use in all 1/8 classes.

All cables on the controller are already wired ready for connection, no soldering necessary.
Battery connection: T-plug,
motor connection: 4mm sockets


Completely waterproof and dustproof
ON / OFF switch with setup button
S-BEC with 6V and 5A peak current
Plug and play, battery and motor plug already soldered
Multiple protections: undervoltage shutdown, thermal protection and loss of signal protection.
Simple programming via setup button
Separate programming port, easy connection of the LED program card (optional)
Technical specifications:

Constant / peak current: 150A / 950A
Type: Sensorless
Motor limit:
4s LiPo: 4274 motor, <= 3000KV
6s LiPo: 4274 motor, <= 2400KV
Internal resistance: 0.00035 ohms
LiPo / NiMH battery pack: 3-6s LiPo / 8-18 cells MiMH
S-BEC: 6V / 5A
Programming port: Yes
Dimensions LxWxH: 59.5x48x42mm
Weight: 178g
Application: 1/8 on and off road

Razer eight motor 4274 with 2000KV:

The Razer eight is a sensorless high-performance motor designed for maximum performance. High torque and perfect power delivery make the engine the first choice for your model.


4-pole rotor design for high torque and quick response
CNC milled, high-strength aluminum housing for optimal heat dissipation
Motor winding made of pure, double-insulated copper wire
Precision ball bearings for the best running smoothness and service life
Highly flexible silicone connection cable with pre-soldered 4mm plugs
High-strength and polished 5mm rotor shaft made of steel
Technical specifications:

Article no.: R01243
Idle speed: 2000KV
LiPo cells: 2s-6s
Pole: 4th
Shaft diameter / length: 5mm / 18mm
Dimensions D / L: 42mm / 68mm
Weight (including cable) 412g
Application: 1/8 truck, 1/8 monster truck

Scope of delivery:

1x controller fully wired with battery plug and motor connection
1x motor ready for connection with 4mm plug
1x instructions


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