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Team Associated RC8B3.1e Hobbyfactory Edition

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Team Associated RC8B3.1e Team Kit

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Performa P1 HMX 1/8 Combo 1900 KV, 4S

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Power HD B4 BRUSHLESS SERVO 0.085s 25.0kg Titanium & Alu HV

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Performa Racing Graphene Lipo 6600 14.8V 120C PA9302

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Tämä on huippu paketti sinulle joka haluat parhaan mahdollisen paketin 1/8e luokkaan. Kasattu huippu tuotteista, tässä paketissa on taatusti paras hinta-laatusuhde sinulle joka kilpailet tosissasi 1/8e luokassa. Tällä paketilla suoritus ei jää kalustosta kiinni!

Team Associated RC8B3.1e Team Kit:

1:8 Scale Electric 4WD Off Road Competition Buggy Kit

Team Associated has taken the same performance engineering and developed found in the RC8B3.1 nitro buggy and used that data to create the new brushless-powered RC8B3.1e Team Kit!

Answering the demands of the fastest-growing 1:8 scale e-buggy racing class, the RC8B3.1e Team Kit was designed specifically for brushless power. Features include new H.T.C. (High Torque Capacity) differentials with increased fluid capacity and a more consistent feel lap after lap, precision CVA drive shafts front and rear to keep suspension travel free through the entire stroke, and a unique, proprietary, hard-anodized 7075-T6 aluminum chassis ingeniously designed for optimum weight distribution and superior handling!

Cross-class chassis compatibility. Knowing that racers would be competing in both 1:8 nitro and electric at the same events, the RC8B3.1e was designed to handle and respond to changes just like the RC8B3.1. This similar handling characteristic gives the racer a huge advantage, as tuning changes can be applied to both buggies seamlessly.

All of these improvements lead to a car that is easier to drive, more consistent lap after lap, and suits a wider variety of tracks.

Designed to handle, built to win. The RC8B3.1e Team Kit was designed to give the dedicated electric 1:8 racer the highest level of performance that will help take your racing program to the next level.


  • H.T.C. (High Torque Capacity) differentials offer increased fluid capacity and a more consistent feel lap after lap
  • 94mm CVA driveshafts increase traction and chassis support
  • Suspension arms have been updated to modern race specs
  • Anti-roll linkage curves have been altered to provide more chassis support throughout the suspension travel
  • All suspension arm pivots have been revised for more ground clearance, resulting in better jumping and landing while also improving durability
  • 16mm Big Bore 6061 aluminum shock bodies with bleeder style caps
  • New shock springs (20mm I.D.)
  • Highly efficient drivetrain utilizes straight-cut gears to provide great acceleration and increased run time
  • Hard-anodized 7075 aluminum chassis with keyed lower suspension plates
  • Enclosed receiver box
  • Full Factory Team rubber-sealed ball bearings
  • Easily accessible front and rear differentials
  • Pro-Line(R) "Predator" body included
  • Two-piece sliding motor mount for easy gear mesh adjustment and motor removal
  • RC8B3.1e shares 90% parts compatibility with the RC8B3.1 nitro buggy, offering the perfect solution for multi-class racers

Performa P1 HMX 1/8 Combo 1900 KV, 4S:
Performan uutuus 1/8 sähköt. Nosta autosi suorituskyky ja ajettavuus aivan uudelle tasolla Performan Radical sähköillä. Huippu valinta 1/8 kaudelle.

Performa is a brand for Elite Racers. Our goal is to produce the best 1/8 controllers and motors, and re-define the racer experience with a radical “next level” controller/motor combo. With the Performa Racing HMX 1/8 Combo we are proud to demonstrate that we have achieved our goal. Nitro racing is popular because it’s simple, racers chose a 3 Port, 5 Port or 7 Port engine depending on the track, tune the needles to have good carburation, and drive. That’s all. Performa has now adapted that simplicity to electric racing. Controllers and motors used recently in 1/8 racing have hundreds (even thousands) of complex settings. While trying to understand and adjust the complex settings, many racers get lost and end up with tuning that is below optimal performance. The new Performa HMX Controller/Motor Combos deliver simplified settings using the Nitro concept, you select from 3 different pre-defined settings based on the track condition. No need to have a complex program box or a computer. The 3 settings have been tuned by our engineering team together with our World Champion Drivers to deliver maximum performance and simplicity. You can change the settings by simply pressing a button on the switch. For racers that want to dig deeper and fine tune the settings, we will offer Performa PC software that will allow you to change the parameters, within guidelines that ensure you don’t get lost and keep you in the optimal performance range.

It became clear during research and development that making universal controllers for universal motors limits maximum performance, and is not the right way to reach our goal of making radical “next level” controllers and motors for Elite racers. The new Performa HMX Controller features a very innovative type of sensor technology developed for optimal performance when used only with Performa Radical HMX 690 motors. It delivers maximum power and smooth power delivery, radical “next level” performance that goes beyond what a compromised universal system can provide.

The Performa HMX Controller is designed and manufactured without compromise. Each controller is assembled in Geneva Switzerland, it is a high end unit produced in limited quantities for Elite Racers. The circuit boards are made in one of the most sophisticated factories, every board is scanned using laser analyzing devices for each soldering joint and every component. The all-aluminum case has been designed for minimum footprint and optimized cooling. Performa external capacitors have been chosen to obtain Radical Performance. Featuring 2 boards of 4 Panasonic capacitors to provide radical “next level” performance.

The Performa Racing HMX 1/8 Combos have been tested for more than two years by our engineering team, and for a year one by David Ronnefalk, IFMAR World Champion. Recently David made a demonstration of the radical performance by winning the famous 2019 DNC race in the USA.

Note that the Performa HMX Controller analyses if a Performa Radical HMX 690 motor is connected, it will not work with other motors. The Performa Radical HMX 690 motors will work with other controllers, but offer maximum performance only when used with a Performa HMX Controller.


-Performa Radical Sensor System to reduce sensor interference and improve feeling
-World Championship winning motor technology
-Performa Radical Housing - Machined aluminum can with maximum cooling for lowest running temperatures
-100% sensored mode with advanced technology
-Optimized Hall Sensor System with fail-safe protection to reduce cogging
-Double insulated high temperature winding wires
-High quality Japanese competition bearings
-High-intensity adhesive for optimal winding wire binding to reduce vibration and lower operational temperatures
-4 pole NdFeB magnets, EH temp resistant up to 210C, with fiberglass vibration protection
-Dual sensor wire port with housing dust covers
-Alloy double anodized multi-color lightweight case with optimized airflow
-Low resistance - Heavy copper soldering tabs for higher power
-Japan high quality silicon steel stator
-Precision dynamically balanced rotor
-Meets all IFMAR/EFRA/ROAR specs for “690” style motors
-Compatible with all ESCs on the market
-Fully rebuildable
-Optional magnets and tuning parts available
Power HD B4 BRUSHLESS SERVO 0.085s 25.0kg Titanium & Alu HV:
B4 BRUSHLESS SERVO 0.10 / 0.085s 21.0 / 25.0kg Titanium & Alu

Speed 6.0V/7.4V: 0.10 / 0.085 s
Torque: 6.0V/7.4V: 21.0 / 25.0 kg
Gear type: Titanium & Alu
Size(L x W x H)(mm) 40.7 x 20.5 x38.5
Weight(g/oz) 40.7 x 20.5 x38.5
Performa Racing Graphene Lipo 6600 14.8V 120C PA9302:
Performa Racing 6600 mAh Graphene 4s akku on täydellinen valinta sinulle joka haluat parhaan mahdollisen akun 1/8 autoosi. Enää ei tarvitse pelkää että akku loppuu kesken erän, 6600mAh akussa riittää potkua koko kisaaerän vaikka lämmittelisitkin pari kierrosta. 1/8 sähköautojen finaaleissa on liian usein nähty sama asia. Viimeisellä kierroksella akku loppuu ja keskeytys tulee. Ei enää!

Potkua tässä akussa on myös todella paljon ja potku riittää koko erän. Koska akussa on tarpeeksi suorituskykyöä myös erän loppu vaiheilla riittää potku.

Developed for 1/8 Buggy racing, the Performa Graphene Lipo is the ultimate choice for large tracks or high grip tracks, where running time is the key. The Performa Graphene series of LiPo batteries push the limits of battery technology by utilizing carbon in the structure of the cells. With the addition of graphene, the battery has improved attributes such as higher energy density, lower internal resistance, higher discharge rates, and a longer life cycle.

Performa Racing - High-end Competition Products:

-Performa Racing is a brand for Elite Racers.
-Supplying high power systems and components for RC Cars.
-Performance is the priority without any compromise.
-Developed by the most experienced designers in the RC industry.
-Approved and tested by the best drivers in the World to confirm that the performance target is reached.
-Price friendly with Radical Performance.
-Available Worldwide from the Performa Racing Partners or directly on the Performa Racing Website.
-Electric and Nitro Power Units, Accessories, Off-Road, On-Road, Crawler, Performa Racing is for everyone looking for Real Power.
-Tested, approved, and raced by IFMAR World Champion David Ronnefalk.

C-Rate: 120C
Capacity: 6600mAh
Connector Type:
Gold Tubes 5mm
Height: 48mm
Length: 138mm
Max Charge Current: 5C
S / Voltage: 4S - 14.8V
Style: Hardcase
Type: Lipo
Weight: 560g
Width: 47mm

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