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Absima ADB 1.4BL 1:10 Desert Buggy 4WD Brushless RTR

Absima ADB 1.4BL 1:10 Desert Buggy 4WD Brushless RTR

Absima ADB 1.4BL 1:10 Desert Buggy 4WD Brushless RTR
Absima ADB 1.4BL 1:10 Desert Buggy 4WD Brushless RTR
Absima ADB 1.4BL 1:10 Desert Buggy 4WD Brushless RTR

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Rock racers and dessert buggies are on everyone's lips at the moment! On the one hand, this is due to the fact that the vehicles can be moved not only on the road. Especially in rough terrain, these vehicles offer a driving image which is unparalleled.

The powerful ADB1.4 brushless offers many advantages over its competitors. The extremely detailed body and the installed technology leave nothing to be desired!

Quick facts:
- 50A HOBBYWING brushless speed controller with T-plug and 3421KV brushless motor
- Oil pressure shock absorber made of aluminum with adjustable preload
- LED light bar front and rear
- Aluminum chassis plate
- SPEED: +/-50 km/h

The 50A HOBBYWING brushless speed controller is waterproof and pre-assembled with a T-plug. The ESC should be used with a 2S LiPo battery. This drives a 3421KV brushless motor which directly accesses an adjustable slipper clutch. The permanent all-wheel drive provides increased traction. The two CNC machined differentials (front and rear) are driven by an aluminum driveshaft.

16mm aluminum oil-pressure shock absorbers with adjustable preload on all four axles are standard on the ADB1.4 brushless and allow you to optimize the handling and adapt it perfectly to the conditions. Adjustable shock towers made of 4mm 6061-T6 aluminum, anti-roll bars on front and rear axles and independent suspension provide amazing handling and feel.   

Body and Lighting:
The body with its many add-on parts such as mirrors, side pipes, fire extinguisher and pressure equalization tank is an absolute eye-catcher! In addition, there is the dashboard, two driver figures and a dummy fan at the rear.

The hinged cage provides quick access to the battery. And even in the dark, the ADB1.4 brushless cuts a fine figure thanks to marker lights and an LED light bar at the front (white) and another light bar at the rear (red/orange).
Finally, there is a full-size spare wheel at the rear of the vehicle.

- 4WD all-wheel drive
- 2.4GHz remote control
- Extremely durable composite plastic parts
- Fully adjustable suspension
- Ball bearing drive
- Adjustable 16mm aluminum big bore shocks
- Steel differential outputs   
- Aluminum chassis plate
- Adjustable upper suspension arms
- 5mm aluminum motor mount
- 5mm aluminum shock towers
- Aluminum driveshaft
- 2 CNC cone differentials (front/rear)
- LED light bar front and rear
- Extremely detailed body with add-on parts
- Vehicle should be powered by 2-cell (2S) LiPo battery pack
- Scale: 1:10
- Dimensions (L/W/H): 515x320x170 mm
- Weight: 2550g
- Wheelbase: 290mm
- Ground clearance: approx. 50mm
- Track width: 245mm front / 240mm rear
- Wheels front/rear Ø: 128mm / Width: 55mm
- Damper oil: 400CPS
- Damper installation length: 80mm
- Motor ratio brushless version: Pinion: 21T / Main gear: 77T (48dp)


- Desert Buggy "ADB1.4" Brushless Version
- 2.4GHz Remote Control
- Mini tool kit
- Instruction manual


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