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Absima 1:16 EP BL Touring Car FUN MAKER RTR

Absima 1:16 EP BL Touring Car FUN MAKER RTR

Absima 1:16 EP BL Touring Car FUN MAKER RTR
Absima 1:16 EP BL Touring Car FUN MAKER RTR
Absima 1:16 EP BL Touring Car FUN MAKER RTR
Absima 1:16 EP BL Touring Car FUN MAKER RTR
Absima 1:16 EP BL Touring Car FUN MAKER RTR
Absima 1:16 EP BL Touring Car FUN MAKER RTR
Absima 1:16 EP BL Touring Car FUN MAKER RTR
Absima 1:16 EP BL Touring Car FUN MAKER RTR
Absima 1:16 EP BL Touring Car FUN MAKER RTR
Absima 1:16 EP BL Touring Car FUN MAKER RTR
Absima 1:16 EP BL Touring Car FUN MAKER RTR

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Absima 1:16 EP BL Touring Car FUN MAKER RTR Harmaa
Ei varastossa. Toimitusaika arviolta 3 - 30 vrk.
Absima 1:16 EP BL Touring Car FUN MAKER RTR Neon
Ei varastossa. Toimitusaika arviolta 3 - 30 vrk.

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Arviolta 3 - 30 vrk tilauksesta. Jos tuote on loppu toimittajalta toimitusaika voi olla pidempi. Tarkemman toimitusajan voit varmistaa asiakaspalvelustamme. Normaalisti arvion luotettavuus on hyvä.

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Tuotteen kuvaus
Uusi 1/16 harjaton touring-auto Absimalta! Tästä pelis löytyy menoa ja meininkiä. Alumiiiniset pohjalevy, ylädekki ja iskaritornit luovat alustalle sopivaa jäykkyyttä, kun taas alumiininen keskikardaani varmistaa harjattoman mooottorin tehon välittymien sekä etu-, että takapyörille. 

Our 1/16 touring car combines precision and performance in a compact and affordable model that can be taken anywhere and be ready for fun in no time!
This little powerhouse comes ready-to-run with (almost) everything you need to hit the track (only 2* AA batteries for the transmitter are needed). Whether you're racing with your friends in your backyard driveway, on the playground, in the office, or doing wild drifts in your living room, this little "fun maker" leaves nothing to be desired!
The chassis, with its powerful engine, all-wheel drive and independent suspension are just a few features that deliver impressive performance. In addition, the aluminum parts such as chassis plate, shock towers and shock absorbers which contribute to excellent rigidity and thus to the ultimate driving experience on smooth surfaces. This high-tech chassis keeps the center of gravity as low as possible to ensure a precise and responsive driving experience.

Short and sweet: This little powerhouse lies on the road like a board !


- Aluminum chassis for excellent handling characteristics
- Powered by a powerful 380 brushless motor
- High performance differentials on front and rear axle
- Independent suspension for exceptional handling
- Intricately designed, multi-piece bodyshell
- Speed: +/- 40 km/h

The body with its aggressive design and very detailed shape is made of sturdy material to withstand impacts. It comes with a decal sheet including gluing instructions. Of course, you can also customize your sweetie or get an unpainted body (optional available - item 1610090) for a completely custom look. In addition, the engine dummy for the hood and of course the lighting front and rear complement the design.


 Bling Bling! Already noble the design with the aluminum parts! Good looking, good performance!
Basically, the structure and arrangement of the components is like a 1:10 competition touring car:
- Independent suspension
- CVD front driveshafts
- Differentials with aluminum pinion gears (38Z) and pinion gears (14Z)
- Differential gears made of polyamide (12Z/24Z)
- Aluminum drive bones on rear axle
- Aluminum "big-bore" shock absorbers
- Chassis, shock towers and upper deck made of aluminum not only give excellent stiffness. Due to the extra weight in contrast to carbon (which is - used in high-quality 1:10 on-road chassis), the grip is increased here and thus the performance is increased. If that's not enough, you can treat yourself to fancy aluminum wheels (available as an option - item 1610092/1610093).


Plenty of power for that scale!
Driven by a 380 brushless motor with 3300KV and a 30A receiver / speed controller unit with T-high current plug, one is already fast on the road and the insane torque provides for decent drifts! The motor is driven by a 16Z aluminum motor pinion (Mod.0.6 / 2.3mm motor shaft) and a 40Z main gear. If you ever want to change the gear ratio, please remember that the motor shaft has a diameter of 2.3mm. Accordingly, you must pay attention to this when buying the motor pinion. The firing is done by a 1500mAh 7.4V/2S LiPo battery. There is also a matching 20W/800mAh LiPo fast charger included

A 2.4GHz remote control system is of course standard today! With our radio you also have the possibility to throttle the speed via a rotary control, if someone wants to take the control who is not yet so skilled. The steering takes over a fast steering servo with an actuating force of 2.2kg. This means that nothing stands in the way of the first drift attempts on smooth surfaces such as tiles or wooden floors.The optimal fun mobile for any smooth surface! 


- 4WD All Wheel Drive
- 2.4GHz remote control
- Full ball bearing drive
- Aluminum chassis, upper deck and shock towers
- Aluminum "big bore" shock absorbers
- CVD axles on front axle
- Heavy duty front & rear differentials
- Aluminum propshaft
- LED lighting front & rear
- Extremely detailed body with sticker sheet


- Scale: 1:16
- Dimensions: (L/W/H): 310x140x80mm)
- Weight (without battery): 560gr
- Wheelbase: 175mm
- Ground clearance: approx. 6mm
- Track width: 110mm front / 115mm rear
- Wheels front/rear: Ø 50mm / Width: 18mm
- Damper filled: Yes (100CPS)
- Damper installation length: 38mm
- Motor ratio: pinion 16Z / main gear 40Z / module 0.6 (2.3mm motor shaft!)


- 1:16 Touring Car RTR
- 2.4GHz remote control
- 1500mAh LiPo battery
- 800mAh LiPo fast charger
- Sticker sheet
- Manual


2* AA batteries for remote control

Tuotteen koko pakattuna tai myyntipakkauksen koko on arviolta 400 x 220 x 170 mm.


Akku ja laturi
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2 kg(Sisältää mahdollisen myyntipakkauksen painon)


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