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Dusty Motors Shroud Cover - Arrma Granite 4x4 / Traxxas Stampede 4x4 (shock covers not included)

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Arviolta 3 - 15 vrk tilauksesta. Arvion luotettavuus on hyvä.

Haluan ilmoituksen, kun tuotetta tulee lisää varastoon

Tuotteen kuvaus
ARRMA Granite 4x4 / Stampede 4x4 suojahuppu. Suojaa vedeltä ja pölyltä mutta päästää ilmaa läpi jotta jäähdytys ei kärsisi liikaa

Note: shock covers not included

This is a high quality, hand made, dust and water splash proof shroud, designated to fit a particular model. Shroud comes with a zipper, which allows to access the internals of a model i.e. connecting/disconnecting batteries and turning a model on/off without removing a shroud. While taking a break between the running stints the shroud can be unzipped to allow ESC and motor to cool quicker. Shroud is made from the highest quality materials. That is why it is strong, durable and efficient. The open area of a material is more than 50% of total shroud surface, so it ensures a very good airflow in order to keep the model electronics cool.


Shroud comes with a zipper
Genuine adhesive VELCRO® tape included
Hand made with a very strict quality inspection
Easy installation

– Before applying VELCRO® to the chassis, cut the tape to the necessary length and width. For example, to place VELCRO® tape on an old Slash 4×4 nerf bars, you must cut it in both directions: length and width.
– Make sure that the surface of the chassis is extremely dry and clean before applying the VELCRO® tape. Dip a napkin in pure alcohol and clean the surface of the chassis. (Use vodka if you like, but for best results, do not drink the vodka during the process).
– Let the VELCRO® tape adhere to the chassis for 24 hours before you use the shroud.
– If it’s hot outside, leave the Dusty Motors’ shroud unzipped to promote airflow and help keep the electronics cool. Even when bashing with a unzipped shroud, it will still keep out most of the dust and debris.
– When it’s hot outside – or if you have a car gearing set up that’s capable of reaching the speed of light – be smart when you bash. Don’t let the temperature of the electronics get too hot. Take breaks between rides. Unzip the shroud and let the model cool to a normal temperature.
– When bashing in winter, don’t bring your model into a warm room without removing ice and snow from the shroud. Otherwise, the snow will melt and water may penetrate the shroud and get into your model electronics.
– Do not drive under water. It is a CAR, not a submarine, and the Dusty Motors shroud is only made for cars. Our shrouds are good, but they can’t be breathable and 100 percent waterproof at the same time. Physics just doesn’t work that way. The splashes of water are OK, so don’t be concerned if the shroud gets a bit damp.
– Remember to take care of the shroud. Wash it by hand with warm, clean water. Let it air dry, do not put it in a dryer.
– If you like the Dusty Motors shroud, recommend it to your friends. You’ll all have a great time bashing together.

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